A Journey Through Shakti Yantras and the Four Aspects of the Divine Mother

Vivechana is an artist, designer, and publisher who has dedicated over 15 years to exploring the intricate world of mandalas, sacred geometry, and symbols. With a keen interest in the archetypal meanings inherent in symbols from various cultures, Vivechana shares her findings through her art and workshops, which she conducts through her company, Soulscapes.

Exploring Shakti Yantras:
A Journey Through Shakti Yantras and the Four Aspects of the Divine Mother



In this workshop:

‣    Learn the Sacred Geometry method for drawing Yantras.
‣    Gain a deeper understanding of Sacred Geometry and its symbolism.
‣    Explore the Four Powers of the Mother within Integral Yoga and the Tantra tradition
‣    Connect with each aspect through journalling and concentration practices


Join us for a four-session journey, delving into the sacred symbology of Yantras. In this exploration, we'll immerse ourselves in the four aspects of the Divine Mother as understood in Integral Yoga as well as the Tantra tradition. Through drawing Yantras and delving into their symbolic and spiritual significance, we shall integrate each aspect within our being.


A Yantra’ is a geometric design, used since ancient times for contemplation, concentration and meditation. The word means instrument or machine, and is derived from the Sanskrit yam, meaning to support, and tra, meaning expansion.


Making a Yantra can leave one feeling centred, calm and connected. This practice activates both hemispheres of the brain and is a tool for concentration and meditation practice.


To join

India -- Rs. 4800 

Overseas -- $65

Zoom joining details for the entire workshop will be circulated in the morning of 23rd July.

No prior art experience required



Account: NAMAH, Acc no: 1235498160, Type: Savings, Central Bank of India,

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