Metamorphosis with Preeti Mahurkar on 16-19 July, 2024 at 4.00-5.30

Preeti Mahurkar, an accomplished author of works like, I See a New India and I See a New Earth Arising, explores Conscious Evolution and sustainable development in her Heaven on Earth series. With over 25 years of experience in CSR, training and social work, Preeti is a seasoned life-coach, specialising in Integral human development, NLP and Emotional Intelligence.

Passionate about guiding individuals to unlock their highest potential, she conducts spiritual retreats on Integral Yoga and workshops on the art of Conscious Living, life-skills and Emotional Intelligence. As a visiting faculty member at esteemed institutions like Symbiosis College in Pune, Preeti imparts invaluable life-skills training, leaving a lasting impact on her students' personal and professional growth.

Metamorphosis: The Journey of Conscious Transformation – unlocking Your Inner Power

Embark on a profound journey of self-discovery and growth, inspired by the visionary principles of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother. Here, we will integrate the timeless wisdom of Integral Yoga, conscious evolution and Integral human development with modern tools like Emotional Intelligence (EI) and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).


Prepare to spread your wings and soar as we delve into the realms of conscious transformation. This transformative workshop where ancient wisdom meets modern science is your cocoon of growth, where you'll discover the power within to break free from old patterns, embrace change, and emerge as the vibrant, empowered being you were meant to be.


Let the alchemy of transformation unlock the infinite potential within you.


To join:

From India: Rs. 2,000

Overseas $32

Zoom joining details will be circulated in the morning of 16th July



Account: NAMAH, Acc no: 1235498160, Type: Savings, Central Bank of India,

IFSC: CBIN0281354

CONTACT DETAILS: +917094898789 & (0413) 2226263

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