Right-Brain Creativity in Sadhana

Lopa Mukherjee is a psycho-spiritual counsellor, teacher, workshop facilitator and writer. She has conducted workshops and has done presentations on a variety of themes in several organisations including NAMAH. Her workshops have been on drama therapy, dreamwork, inner journeys and thresholds, emotional intelligence and so on.

Right-Brain Creativity in Sadhana

The right brain is the creative centre that has a big picture-view of things. It is also the organ of evaluating, synthesising and harmonising. It has a heart as much as a mind. And this heart is close to the psychic being or the soul, so that decisions made under the right brain's influence are superior to those made by the left brain. These right-brain capacities are an opening into the Higher Mind, Illumined Mind, Intuitive mind and the Over mind.
This workshop will help us energise the right brain and expand it for a richer life- experience, and most importantly, for our sadhana. Sri Aurobindo guided his disciples to write poetry, prose, and to dwell on music, so that they could connect with the overhead regions. We will try to follow his lead. We will do creativity exercises, systems thinking, empathetic thinking, cultivate sensibility, work towards unity. After this workshop, participants will have a set of tools to continue their soul's journey creatively. 


To join

India -- Rs. 2,000



Overseas -- $35



Zoom joining details will be circulated in the morning of 18th June 



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