A Consciousness Approach to Terminal Illness & End-of-Life Care

Dr. Yogesh Mohan brings the essence of more than two decades of his healing experience into this workshop. Over the years, he has evolved various inner approaches which greatly facilitate the healing process. These approaches are simple, practical and highly effective. 

A Consciousness Approach to Terminal Illness & End-of-Life Care

Terminal illness poses immense challenges not only for patients but especially for their families and caregivers. Existential questions about the meaning of life and death become undeniably pressing, while the fear of losing loved-ones looms large and immediate. 


Paradoxically, these daunting circumstances offer unparalleled opportunities for spiritual awakening and profound insights. With the right mindset, these moments can become profoundly transformative, shaping our lives in unexpected ways. We extend an invitation to patients, family members, and caregivers alike to delve into the deeper truths surrounding life and death. Together, let us embark on a journey of inner peace and solace, cherishing each breath as a gift from the Divine, and finding joy in the midst of adversity.


To join

India -- Rs. 1,000



Overseas -- $15


The Zoom joining details will be circulated in the morning of 29th June



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