Designing Inner Harmony with Nitasha Sharma on 18-21 June 2024

Nitasha Sharma is a staunch believer of the pure potentiality that every individual is predisposed to and aims to help people realise and utilise this potential by employing tools from the fields of Yoga, Psychology and Music. She is an accomplished trainer, consultant, certified lifestyle specialist, psychologist, singer-songwriter and a yoga teacher. She hails from the prestigious Krishnamacharya tradition of Yoga

Designing Inner Harmony

“For all problems of existence are essentially problems of harmony.”
- Sri Aurobindo, The Life Divine


Let us consciously strive towards a life of harmony. Harmony, first within ourselves. Our thoughts, perceptions, beliefs, feelings and behaviour. Harmony within our relationships. Harmony between where we are today and where we would like to be. Harmony in what we would like to do and what we really do.


At all these levels, there is a dire need for us to first recognise if there is any disharmony or contradiction and then to aspire towards growth by embracing the undiscovered opportunity that exists within the disharmony. By listening to the call inherent in any discord, the call for unity, we open the doors to harmony.


The workshop focuses on creating a Cognitive and Emotional empowerment toolbox by:
A.    Building a framework of understanding about our inner psychological worlds – a world of thoughts, emotions and perceptions and their manifestation through behaviour.
B.    Developing an understanding of how our perceptions colour the view of our world.
C.    Creating a compendium of tools and strategies that helps us through our own inner conflicts.


We gain an insight into how, at times, our thinking may be twisted and that may in turn lead us to unwanted emotional consequences. Be it frustration, sadness, anger, hopelessness, anxiety, anger or loneliness… We experiment with questions like how to trace these unwanted emotional consequences and face them with willingness? We allow ourselves to experience real freedom through cognitive and emotional empowerment.


To join

India -- Rs. 2,000


Overseas -- $35


Zoom joining details will be circulated in the morning of 18th June 



Account: NAMAH, Acc no: 1235498160, Type: Savings, Central Bank of India,

IFSC: CBIN0281354

CONTACT DETAILS: +917094898789 & (0413) 2226263

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