Conscious Matter – Why Homoeopathy Heals

Sigrid Lindemann has lived in Auroville for over 30 years. She is the founder of Integral Regression Therapy, based on Integral Yoga. Sigrid Lindemann teaches this modality and has offered deeply transforming 1 to 1 sessions since 2015. She has been a senior faculty in classical homoeopathy (Dr. Sankaran’s Sensation Method) for the past 20 years. 

Conscious Matter – Why Homoeopathy Heals

Sri Aurobindo has shared deep insights into the evolution of Consciousness in Matter – stone, plant, animal consciousness. As a senior homoeopath, Sigrid Lindemann has been researching this topic since 1999, through the Sensation Method Approach. Homoeopathy has greatly advanced in decoding the evolution of consciousness of the natural kingdoms –plant families, the periodic table, animal evolution, etc. Today`s Homeopathy now integrates this systematic approach with developmental psychology. This online workshop further explores how the healing impulse homoeopathy delivers triggers a cascade of healing integrally – be it through biophotons or with the help of nanoparticles. 

Sigrid Lindemann sources her insights from 25 years of prescribing constitutional remedies and documenting healing with the 'Source Remedy' from nature.


To join

India -- Rs. 1,800


Overseas -- $32


Zoom joining details will be circulated in the morning of 28th May.



Account: NAMAH, Acc no: 1235498160, Type: Savings, Central Bank of India,

IFSC: CBIN0281354

CONTACT DETAILS: +917094898789 & (0413) 2226263

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