Develop Your Own Immunity
Develop Your Own Immunity

We have to take care of our immunity. Nobody can truly do this work for us.


Immunity has many different aspects and levels. It is not just a matter of freedom from illness and disease. For instance, how for instance can we immunise ourselves from the contagion of fear? Or, for that matter, free ourselves from the clutch of desire? There are many afflictions that have to be overcome and, for that, we can call upon different parts of our being.


One feature is evident: the more durable solutions lie inside. As far as complete immunity is concerned, we cannot afford to only scratch the surface. Material solutions are not a panacea. In fact, they may even deepen our malaise. What psychological and spiritual resources do we need to invoke to truly develop our immunity?


Join us for this six-day programme with six different facilitators to discover the integral approach to unlocking the secrets of safeguarding your own immunity.


To join:
From India RS. 2,500


Overseas $38



Zoom joining details will be shared in the morning of 20th May 



Account: NAMAH, Acc no: 1235498160, Type: Savings, Central Bank of India,

IFSC: CBIN0281354

CONTACT DETAILS: +917094898789 & (0413) 2226263


20th May Dr. Monica Gulati  ' Nurturing the Bodyguard'
21st May James Anderson ' Working on the Different Levels of Immunity' 
22nd May Dr. Yogesh Mohan 'Awakening the Body’s Intelligence' 
23rd May Dr. Soumitra Basu 'A Consciousness Approach to Immunity'
24th May Dr. Rammanohar ' Tips from Ayurveda to Improve Immunity'  
25th May Dr. Alok Pandey ' Faith & Immunity' 

Dr. Monica Gulati is an immunologist by training, who realised that scientific research was not her calling, while studying at the University of Zurich. Cancer made her realise that her truth was the way of the heart. She lives fearlessly through every movement, reading every inner message to meet the challenges of existence. A relentless explorer, she feels graced to be on this inner journey, hand-in-hand with her fellow-travellers.


James Anderson met life-threatening illness when 21, before working at the Lloyd’s Market in London for 16 years and later as a director. A sudden calling changed his life and he came to India. He has remained in Pondicherry since 2000. A writer, healer and teacher, he is Coordinating Editor of NAMAH and has published A Torch in the Dark, that examines human growth in an integral and experiential way.


Dr. Yogesh Mohan MD (JIPMER), the Founder of ‘Consciousness as Medicine’,
trained in modern medicine, has a profound understanding of Yogic Psychology and a rich clinical experience using consciousness as therapy. He brings the essence of deeper insights and practices developed over more than 20 years of inner work. Based in Chennai, he is also the CEO of Saveetha Medical College & Hospital.


Dr. Soumitra Basu. a consultant psychiatrist based in Kolkata and Pondicherry, works with Consciousness paradigms in health and psychology. He conducts workshops on personal growth and is a Founder-Editor of NAMAH, the Journal of Integral Health. He is author of Integral Health and has developed a module of Consciousness-based Psychology with Michael Miovic (US) with both co-authoring a book with that name, based on the wisdom of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. 


Dr. Rammanohar is currently the Research Director of Amrit Centre for Advanced Research in Ayurveda. He has been contributing in the field of Ayurvedic research for the past 30 years and has spearheaded many important research studies in this field and published over 100 articles, including research papers in peer-reviewed indexed research journals. He has travelled to many countries including USA, Canada, Great Britain, Europe, Russia, Thailand and Singapore for the promotion of Ayurveda.


Dr. Alok Pandey is a medical doctor specialising in psychiatry, practising at the Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry. He has conducted several workshops on diverse subjects in India and abroad and contributed numbers of articles on different subjects in various Indian and International journals. He has authored three books and also edits All India Magazine, a monthly journal of the Sri Aurobindo Society. He is also a Founder-Editor of NAMAH. 

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